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Guided Varmint Hunts 12 Months Of Hunting
 Bobcat hunting is our specialty. Most varmint hunts can be combined to accommodate any hunters needs. Bobcat hunting is done using our new varmint hunting truck equipped with a 7 foot tall, 35 square foot high rack. We sit high above the terrain using different animal sounds to call the predators up close and personal. Bobcats hunting is conducted primarily at night with the use of light force spotlights.  We have acquired properties throughout the state close to  several major airports to better accommodate our hunters. You may fly into Dallas, San Antonio, San Angelo or Midland International Airport depending on what type of game you are seeking.  We have had great success over the last seven months taking over 60 bobcats. Email or call Texas Varmint Hunting today to  book a varmint hunt.  

Gold Package
3 Nights Hunting

1 hunter is $2999
2 Hunters $1999.00 PER hunter     

** NON HUNTER RATE $250.00 Per Day Per Person

***Additional days can be added to this hunt as well as exotic hunting.

Included in this price:       
 Food, Lodging, Guide, 

Not Included In package: 
Hunting License, Adult Beverages
Gun Rental @150.00 per nightental @150.00 per night

          2013 - 2014 Special
                     2 Hunters 2 Nights
                Bobcat / Grey Fox Combo
Meals, Lodging, Guide Fees, Hunting Lic. Included
    *** $3699.00 for both hunters***
          Regular Price $5090.00