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                       Booking Information & Trip Guidelines:

Thank you for choosing Texas Varmint Hunting for your Predator Hunting Adventure. We are a full service agency providing discriminating sportsmen like yourself Texas Varmint Hunting to remember. Our goal is to provide you the best sporting experience available at the best price possible. If you do not find the package that you are looking for, Contact Us and we can custom design the trip that you are looking for.

The reason why we can offer you world class adventures for less than comparable trips is because you are working with a team of people who actually own or lease the hunting grounds and lodges. There are no booking agents or intermediaries to run up the cost. We are looking forward to being your hosts in your trip with us, which we guarantee will exceed your expectations. Let us know if you would like some references.

Texas Varmint Hunting  requires a $ 50% non-refundable deposit to secure a reservation. The  deposit is non-refundable, but may be applied to a new trip date up to 1 year later. The balance due for "payment in full" is required no later than 60 days prior to scheduled trip date. Texas Varmint Hunting requires a deposit of "payment in full" to secure a reservation less than 14 days before the scheduled trip. The payment in full is also non-refundable, but may be applied to a new trip date up to 1 year later. A full refund is available only if a paid replacement is provided for the person canceling. Receipt of deposit and/or final payment by Texas Varmint Hunting is acknowledgement that registrant has read and accepts this cancellation/refund policy and all responsibility clauses. Payment must be made by bank transfer, cash, check or credit card.

What We Need To Get Started
1.  Hunt Contract Form – Go to the Hunt Contract Form page                                and print a copy. Complete the form and submit a copy to TVH with your deposit check.

2. Release Form - Go to the Release Form  page                                      for a printable copy of the Release Form. Print a copy for each member of your group. Each member of your group must read and sign the release form.

3. A  deposit check for your hunt - Make the deposit checks payable to
Travis Wier.

Mail deposit checks to:
Texas Varmint Hunting
13527 Duncan Road
San Angelo, Texas 76904

Must Have Items

4. Hard-sided Lockable Gun Cases
If you plan on bringing your own guns with you, the FAA requires they must be secured in hard sided lockable gun cases. The airlines can be rough of them so if you have valuable guns, make sure you carry them in cases that can withstand the abuse.

5. U.S. Customs Form 4457
It is now mandatory that U.S. Customs Form 4457 be filled out and signed by a Customs officer for every item of value that you plan on taking with you. These items include your guns, laptops, cameras, jewels, or anything else of value. Without this form, you may have your items confiscated or have to pay duty on them upon your return. Form 4457 is good for life. It proves ownership of the guns and any other items you travel with that have serial numbers both in this country and the country in which you will be hunting.

There is no charge for the form and you will need to take your guns and any other valuable personal effects such as laptops, cameras, jewellery, etc, that you would like to register to a U.S. Customs office. A U.S. Customs office is located at all sea-ports and all international airports. For a list of U.S. Customs offices go to U.S. Customs Offices. If there is not a customs office near you, you can do this at the last airport that you depart the United States from, but you will need to get there in plenty of time before your connecting flight and you will have to re-check your baggage after the inspection. It is strongly suggested that you get this done beforehand.

Airline Tickets
Our staff can assist you with all of your flight arrangements or you can choose to make the arrangements yourself.

Airlines allow only 2 checked bags and one carry-on per person. Your guns will be one (1st) and your suitcase will be the (2nd) second. Most US Domestic airlines now limit each bag to no more than 50 lbs. each or overweight charges will apply. If you plan on taking 2 guns, make sure you have a single case that holds 2 guns or you will be paying for an extra bag.

Recommended Items to Bring
Anytime that you travel to remote areas half way around the world, you have to plan your trip down to the last detail. Many of the things that you are used to having at your fingertips on a day to day basis are not always available when you travel to a foreign country, so you need to bring them with you. From many years of experience in making these trips, we have created some trip check lists for you to insure that you come prepared to have a safe and enjoyable trip. Go to the Check List page for a complete list of things that you will need to bring with to insure that you have a safe, trouble free, enjoyable trip.

Bringing Game Back
Bobcats require a CITES permit. The pelt will be tagged and shipped to you VIA UPS or FED EX.
Please Contact Us if you have any questions or need additional info.

Wild Quail Hunting...