About Texas Varmint Hunting:
We offer guided varmint hunts, Texas prairie dog hunts, Helicopter Pig Hunts / Helicopter Hog Hunts with several different options to accommodate any budget.  Texas prairie dog hunting on several large private ranches in Texas. Prairie dog hunting runs May - September.  Texas prairie dog hunting for 2015 is looking good. Book your prairie dog hunts in Texas today. Varmint hunting has been a great success this season.  We specialize in varmint hunting, species include Helicopter Pig Hunting / Helicopter hog Hunting, Bobcat & Grey Fox.  Many of the ranches we hunt have multiple species. Brandon Ezell, operations manager for Texas Varmint Hunting will attend and guide every Predator Hunt.  Mr. Ezell has been full time with TVH for eight years and hunts seven days a week, 12 months per year.  We use only the best in equipment such as LightForce lights and Wildlife Technologies electric calls.You can extend your hunting season or hone your shooting skills 12 months a year!  We now have over 600,000 acres of private land.  Please look through our site and find the hunt that is best for you. Varmint hunting in Texas could not be better this year.
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Updated  4-3-2015
Texas Prairie Dog Hunting:
Prairie dog hunting is conducted in the Texas panhandle. Prairie dog hunts are May - September.  Common calibers for prairie dog hunting include 204, 222, 223, 220 swift, 22-250.
We provide shooting benches, sandbags, and a guide or spotter on all our prairie dog hunts. We start at around 100 yards and move out depending on the shooters abilities. Average shooters will shoot 200-400 rounds per day. Book your Texas Prairie Dog hunts today!
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Hunting in Texas:
We hunt many areas of Texas depending on what specie you are seeking. Most of our  properties are within two hours of a major airport.  We never over hunt one area. Texas Varmint Hunting has access to over 600,000 acres of rangeland. The terrain varies from the beautiful Texas hill country to the rolling plains of the panhandle.
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